Köln – MTC Club

Il 4 febbraio scorso Colonia ha ospitato The Godfathers. La band inglese è in giro per i palchi d’Europa celebrando i 30 anni di attività e lo ha fatto in grande stile. Dal nome, dalla provenienza e dalla datazione “storica” sarà facile immaginarli come punkettoni old school, aggraziati e rozzi al tempo stesso. Il loro aspetto è quello che si confà ai gentlemen alternativi, senza calcare la mano sull’estetica… Avendo abbastanza attitudine da poter evitare il travestimento fine a se stesso.
I padrini si sono esibiti all’MTC Club, nel cuore della città: location intima e roccherrò, che alterna atmosfere à la Cramps a sorrisi gioviali. Tutti, dal pubblico ai musicisti agli addetti ai lavori, si sono divertiti senza diventare pericolosi – questione sempre un po’ spinosa, durante un concerto punk. Il pubblico era in sé variegato: diverse fasce d’età, diversi stili, mescolati per godere insieme di qualche ora di buona musica.
In apertura i Super Hard Boys, band cittadina dal recente passato. I giovanotti si muovono tra atmosfere QOTSA e Velvet Underground in un mix psichedelico. Caldamente consigliati e da tenere d’occhio: potrebbero essere tra qualche anno, presenza fissa nei festival europei che accompagnano la bella stagione.

In fede,
S.H. Palmer


Actually, I do not know what happens every time an English punk rock band plays in front of my eyes. Considering the genre, it would be possible, for my mind, making some sort of punkiepixiestales. I mean, the accent, the attitude and the (so far from us in everyday life) humor on stage makes the magic done. In this particular case, I’m referring not only of a punk rock band, which plays since almost 30 years, but also of a time machine situation.
I saw Godfathers playing in Cologne. They are touring around in order to celebrate 30 esteemed years of rock’n’roll. They are not so young anymore, but being punk is a matter of attitude… and not of age. And they still rock, sure as hell. The setlist has been compact and good sustained from a long experience. Mr. Peter Coyne – with his charming outlaw/gentleman à plomb – reminded me of those all figures of speech used by George Orwell in his own dystopian tales. Ask me not, please, why I thought this: maybe my Anglo-Saxon studies and my literature lover subconscious were a bit too active.
Godfathers played at the MTC Club, a cosy wonderful little club in the heart of the city. The atmosphere was familiar, the crowd amazing. Without violence, but still with raw passion, I found myself among old punks, new punks, polite listeners and people in charge. I need to admit it: the soundman (for both the bands) made a really good job. And everyone around was relaxed just enough to let us enjoy the evening.
Top mention deserved also by the Super Hard Boys, support band aus Kölle which operated a super warming up at the beginning of the whole. These guys are young and play together since 2011. I listened their album, but I found myself lovely surprised during the live experience. At the beginning, something reminded me of the magnificent QOTSA and the royal painful Velvet Undergroud (the last song was a well done modern version of “Venus in Furs,” at least). They are loud enough to fight for a stage in all those European rock’n’roll festival (so, German/European festival bookers, take a listen to them) coming together with nice weather (hopefully it’ll come in some months).
Waiting for the next band,

faithfully yours.

S.H. Palmer